– Welcome to the oldest documented system of self-care in the world. –

Daoist yoga refers to a skillset of self-care

that has its roots in Early China and later branches out into practices such as taiji, gongfu, qigong, and meditation. It is not Daoist in the religious sense, nor is it derived from the vast array of yogic practices developed in South Asia. 

However, the  term “Daoist” generally brings to mind a transformative blend of mystical and practical approaches to reality, such as those that inspired Yoda and the Jedi or the secret martial worlds of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. While the search for living life in deep harmony with the Way (Dao) eventually became codified in Daoist religions, this search also continued outside the Daoist religious world, influencing the development of Chinese martial arts, Buddhism, and even Chinese medicine. 

In the 21st century, yoga is largely understood to be a set of physical practices undertaken for the purpose of increasing mind-body wellness. While this modern interpretation of the practice of yoga is quite distant from the pre-modern traditions of yoga, it has nevertheless given rise to a globalized body of self-healing exercises based in deliberate self-regulation that benefits tens of millions of people every day.

Daoist yoga, then, is the practice of self-healing exercises contemporary instruction in the language of Chinese self-care, both ancient and modern.