Gideon Enz is a Sanskrit and Classical Chinese scholar with over three decades of teaching experience in yoga, taiji, qigong and meditation. He is a shifu (master instructor) of Chinese internal gongfu (including taiji and qigong) and has studied yoga, herbology, and Chinese and Indian medicine since he was a teenager. Gideon also holds a master’s degree from UC Berkeley on the comparative analysis of traditional Indian and Chinese exercise systems and has contributed to over a dozen books on qigong and Chinese esoteric practices. A longtime student of Master Duan Zhi Liang, Gideon is also the lineage holder of the Wuji Qigong method, once taught only in secret within the imperial palace. Gideon teaches classes, workshops and courses that use the easy, accessible methods of increasing health and vitality by gently but powerfully directing one’s internal world towards a state of natural integration, well-being, and flow.